Unraveling Gen Y Career Aspirations!!!!


It is understood that Gen Y is extremely demanding in nature and tenacious in attitude when it comes to career progression. They not only crave continuous learning but anticipate their career to accelerate. They value commitments.

Some of the challenges organizations face while creating careers for Gen Y are:

  • Endorsing meritocracy while keeping up batch parity.
  • Crafting modified roles notwithstanding customary roles for enhancing learning.
  • Looking at opportunities to engage and take up additional responsibilities early in their career.
  • Consistently reinventing their career planning to meet the perpetually expanding desires of the millennials.

The Gen Y workforce are exceptionally networked and tend to keep a tab on each other’s career developments. More than the pay, the title excites Gen Y.

If you want to be in the race, your career management framework has to consistently evolve with time.

– Prof. Anish K. Ravi

* Views expressed are personal.

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