Is it time to play a new marketing role?


There was a time when the so called marketers were marketers and they did marketing kind of things. They once strategized campaigns, had clear cut responsibilities and the results were mapped to explicit business units without a second thought. Then the big thing happened. The Internet. And there came the email, followed by the mobile, and the social media, and the big brother- The Big Data…

Let’s fast forward to 2016 an era where consumer relationship and brand experiences are significant marketing strategies that drive the industry. One by one, the boundaries of who is a marketer is muddling, and the definition of marketing is changing.

And the result is “Marketers must now wear numerous new hats to survive”

Let’s look at the new marketing hats one must wear in this new era of marketing.

The Ultimate Buddy
To the tech savvy, sophisticated millennials, marketers need to deliver a memorable and consistent experience across every touch point starting with the mobile followed by the website, mobile app, etc. These experiences are our brand. So, marketers must learn how to become the “The Ultimate Buddy” by understanding and recognizing who they must serve with the right content across all channels.

The Trekking Guide
This past winter, I took a trip to Sikkim, where my family and I enjoyed personalized experiences both through traditional hospitality and hybrid services. Trekking being one of its kind and those moments were fully integrated experiences which not only enhanced our trip but also reminded me that marketers must act as a “The Trekking Guide” to deliver significant experiences both on and offline. Marketers today not only have to connect physically but digitally create a truly personalized experience. The trip we enjoyed was flawless and always led us every step, just like our perfect trek guide.

The Architect
As marketers one must make changes to the way one does business. Let us remind ourselves that marketing is not just digital or social or mobile. It’s simply everything. Marketing is a continuous customer-driven experience made up of significant moments in an ocean of persistent disruption. A good marketer marketers can see a patterns within the noise that cuts through the clutter with relevant experiences define the brand in the consumers’ eye. Marketers are the builder, the protector, and at the end, the inventor.

One must agree that the game has changed completely and there’s no looking back. Marketing is engaging more people, more business units, and boundless new functions. It’s time to grab our data and, most of all, our endless marketing resource from our marketing hats.

We aren’t just a marketer, we are the ultimate buddy, the trekking guide and the architect.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready for the adventure……….

– Prof. Anish K. Ravi

* Views expressed are personal.