Catalyzing Sustainable Sources of Energy – The Future Concern


Errrghh…..!! Power cuts, pollution, traffic, rising temperature levels, water scarcity and what not!

Will there even be a meaning for the words ‘Environment’ and ‘Nature’ to teach the future generation? A topic of thought with our generation having to change a lot! With a background of rapidly rising energy demands, growing consternation about the security of energy supplies, environmental and health menaces associated with the usage of fossil fuels, it is high time that we realize the importance of sustainable sources of energy.

From the end of the year 2004, worldwide renewable energy generation has been growing at remarkable rates of 10–60% annually for many technologies in the sector. In 2010, renewable power constituted about one third of the newly built power generation capacities. Wind and solar power are the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy resources for now with capacity evolving at double-digit rates every year over the past decade in the sector. The effects of this amazing growth include breathtaking technology headway, gripping cost reductions, and a positive boost in political support for renewable energy development around the world. A skimpy set of six countries— India, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the United States contribute for about 80 percent of global photovoltaic (PV) and wind power capacity. Other sources of renewable energy are also taking up competitive charges in the market. The difference in development rates of each type of power generation is based on the confinement to various sectors of application restrictions.

Benefits of using Renewable energy
• Complete reduction in Global Warming Emissions
• Improved Public Health and Environmental Quality
• Inexhaustible Energy Supply
• Jobs and other Economic advantages
• Substantial Energy Prices
• More reliable Energy System

Some of the considerations which the government can take up in building up the renewable energy platform for the future would be:-
• Organizing renewable energy development conferences and exhibitions across places to increase the awareness and advantages of using clean sources of energy among various classes of people and commercial units.

• New renewable energy policies that are undeviating, long-term, and amenable, with enough cushion time that will allow industries and markets to adjust to the new technology should be framed.

• Encouraging development of renewable energy clubs, forums which can actually prove to be a great platform in this raging social networking age to discuss the advancements across different sectors.

• More emphasize should be given on renewable energy market expansion by providing government subsidies.

• Encouraging cooperative and individual ownership of renewable energy projects and making sure that all investors are involved in the decision making process.

• Financing guidance and relaxation on interest rates for loans as a token of motivation.

• Providing easy and reliable access to the electric grid at prices that reflect full value of conventional energy and supply of sufficient incentives to trigger renewable energy market growth.

• Diffusion of information among masses regarding the advantages, resource availability and potential of renewable energy generation statistics and policy successes/failures at different levels.

• Establishing standards for performance, safety and legal formalities for setup.

It is a good thing that our government has already marked its focus on this platform and encourages different sectors for the development of renewable sources of energy. We still have a very long way to go to achieve the vision of saving our environment. Today our eco system is sealed into a carbon emitting energy system that is neither better nor necessarily cheaper than renewable energy, but literally the result of inheriting dominating past policies and investment decisions. Out breaking this process is going to be the challenging thing for us!

The key to achieve our goal is forward-looking, zealous and consistent government policies that will create unwavering demand for renewable energy and diffuse renewables as the energy platform for the future generations. While the renewable facilities require inclined investments to build and develop, once built they operate at very low cost with the fuel for operation being cost free as a result of which renewable energy prices will work out to be stable and cheaper in the long run perspective. Let us understand the need and act wisely to shift our nation away from treacherous fossil fuels towards cleaner and greener, renewable sources of power for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future !

— Kaushik V (CBS 2015-16 batch)

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